Trash to Treasure: Home Goods Made From Recycled Materials

With our world rapidly depleting our natural resources, a new emphasis is being placed on green building products.  While many of these products use processes that are lower in chemicals and pollutants, many still use a large percentage of new products.  Some innovative companies have come out with products made entirely of previously used materials (i.e. trash). One amazing example is graypants, a remarkable lighting and furniture company based out of Seattle.  The brain child of architects Seth Grizzle, Jonathan Junker and Jon Gentry, graypants was founded in 2008, when the guys realized they missed designing and building useful things.  In their spare time, they started collecting various discarded materials and experimenting to see what they could come up with.  Soon after, their scrap lights were born- unique shapes made from stacked corrugated cardboard.  After several years, they have expanded their line to include many different shapes and sizes of lights as well as unique furniture.

Check out some pictures of their amazing lights!

Love these amazing pendants!