Metal kitchen countertops, a great granite alternative

While most designers would agree that you can never go wrong with a gorgeous granite countertop, it is always refreshing to see unique alternatives for counters and tabletops. I recently came across a great resource for zinc and copper countertops, which aside from looking cool, offer some great properties like a natural anti-microbial property which makes them easy to keep sanitary.  The suggested cleaning method for these counters is just a simple soap and water wash.  This malleable metal also can be done with extremely unique and special edge details, different from their stone counterparts.  This adds another level of customization and another cool textural element to a space.

These countertops will not perform like a granite or other hard stone.  They are metal and are therefore reactive to everything from air, water, lemon juice, cleaning agents and wine, but that is part of the appeal!  The beautiful patina they create brings in a very special old world charm- perfect for the Tuscan inspired kitchen.  Other great applications would be in a bar area of the home, or even in a library for a desk top.

Check out some gorgeous applications for this cool product.