What was old is new again- Timeless elegance at a Chicago landmark

As I discussed in a recent blog, sometimes the most beautiful aspects of interior design aren't the ones you see straight ahead, but rather, above you.  A beautiful ceiling can be the difference between an average room and a magnificent one.  Take for example, this incredible Chicago landmark.

The Tiffany glass mosaic ceiling was the first iridescent glass dome and remains the largest glass mosaic ceiling in the world at over 6,000 square feet.

Can you guess where this beautiful ceiling is?  It is the Macy's on State Street!  Housed in the former Marshall Field's building, the space has undergone many transformations over the nearly 150 years since it was built, but some of the original beautiful elements remain in tact.  Next time you are browsing through the racks of clothes or grabbing a sandwich at the marketplace, be sure to look up at the beautiful ceiling created in a different era, when shopping was a special and formal experience and stores were filled with grandeur.