Kitchen and Bath Remodeling - Bigger Does not Have to be Better

This vanity which includes a sink, faucet and countertop is high style-very compact solution for the smallest of  bathrooms.  

In the rehabbing of our clients homes, we often utilize odd areas for powder rooms. Converting a small space under stair wells, carving out a bathroom from a closet, or creating a powder room from a former mud room is often challenging space planning for the fixtures. Once the plumbing issues are solved [waste stack and water] ,this vanity would make a design statement which is unique as it is functional. Parietal is a sink-faucet and towel rack in a mere 17" x 10"“ size.

Color pops each model red, blue,  lime, yellow, black and white.

Easy maintenance-high style and terrific impact for the compact remodeling of a small powder room, this item is a winner for decorating.