Generations Divides Highlighted in Home Design Part 2

The next demographic of people highlighted in the UNcontained exhibit is "Forever Fit", featuring "the Zoomers".  Zoomers are defined as people in the baby boomer generation who are nearing retirement age but still live active lifestyles.  The zoomers want their homes to not only look cool and be highly designed, but also allow them to age in place.

The forever fit features cool design elements to make a spa with a pedicure area and a big shower that showcases the interests of the homeowners such as the surf board in the shower and tennis rackets in the "salon".

Interesting facts about Zoomers:

1 in 8 zoomers will live to be 100

Every day 10,000 zoomers will turn 65.  This will continue for 18 years!

6 million young adults live with their parents- a 25% increase from 2007.

As part of the aging in place, Zoomers still need their homes to be child friendly and durable because they will entertain and care for their grand kids.  They also need to use materials and spacial layouts that will accommodate their aging bodies such as comfort height toilets, higher seat heights on the sofa and dining chairs and homes without stairs.

What have you noticed from your Zoomer clients?  Do you agree with this assessment of their needs?