Designing Cool Kid's Spaces That Parents Will Love

One of the big challenges in the interior design world is designing gorgeous spaces in homes that are occupied by young children.  Between sticky fingers, crayons and markers, and messy spills, it is hard enough to design grown up spaces the whole family can enjoy.  For many the design savvy client, good design must continue into kid's only zones like playrooms and bedrooms.  So many of the kid-focused products on the market are cheesy and too childish or colorful for a sophisticated home.  So what is a design minded person to do? Cedarworks, a custom wood playground company located in Rockport, Maine, has come up with the perfect solution with their rhapsody line of products.  Featuring indoor playgrounds, play houses and cool beds that double as interactive play areas, these are sure to be loved by children.  The natural wood, beautiful carvings and whimsical designs will appeal to their stylish parents. By incorporating slides, artist easels, chalk boards and educational toys into the design of these wood pieces, there is no need for the brightly colored plastic products.

Check out some of the fun options!